T’S getting to that time of the year… marathon season! I see a lot of overuse and repetitive strain injuries and understand the balancing act between training and recovering, being a keen runner myself.

These come about from increasing mileage too quickly and/or muscular imbalances. One of the most common conditions I see at the clinic at this time of the year is Iliobibial Tract Band (IT Band) Syndrome.

IT Band syndrome can be the cause of up to 22 per cent of overuse injuries in runners. The IT Band runs along the outside section of the thigh, starting from a little above the hip to just below the knee.

It is made up of a thick layer of fascia which has some elastic properties. Fascia is a connective tissue found throughout the body.

The IT Band can store a high proportion of elastic energy. This goes hand in hand with new research suggesting that it could be a key spring aiding running/walking actions, as well as the traditional notion of supporting the hip joint.

IT Band Syndrome is very common in runners, especially those running frequently and building up mileage.

Signs and symptoms include: * Pain on the outside of the knee – this worsens with increased mileage.

* Snapping hip sensation.


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