Provisional Re-Opening Announcement: 1st June 2020

We are really pleased to announce today (after consultations with various bodies and looking through the Government regulations) that we have a provisional date of 1st June 2020 for the clinic to reopen ???

This is a provisional date at the moment and is subject to change, in line with the Government Covid-19 scale which is linked to the country’s “R Rate”. We are starting to take bookings and when this is confirmed, we will send through the specific protocol for attending the appointment. At first (possibly the first 2 weeks of opening) we will be opening on a Monday and a Thursday — this is so we can monitor our health and any symptoms experienced by any patients. This will monitor the spread and keep everyone coming to the clinic in the best of health! Dan will be the only clinician practising for the first 2 weeks and will be isolating from Louise and the rest of his family to help maintain minimum contact.

What will we be doing to keep you safe?

What will we be doing to keep you and the environment safe for practice?

* 30 minute clean in between every session. All surfaces will be cleaned with specific anti-viral cleaning agents which are safe.

* PPE — fresh gloves and face masks will be used (gloves changed after every session).

* Self Isolation — Dan self isolating away from Louise, family and friends (from opening) to reduce the amount of contact we have with outside sources.

* Work will not be carried out on the chest area or anywhere near the face. This is to protect everyone as much as possible. Where possible, patients will be face down or facing away from the practitioner.

* All doors will be opened prior to your session so you can go straight through to the treatment room.


What will you be asked to do?

* You will have a health clearing questionnaire sent to you on the day of your appointment. This must be answered prior to your appointment (before you get to the clinic). If there any any doubts, we will have to rearrange your appointment and you will not be charged for your session.

* Please stay outside till you are invited into the clinic — this will limit any contact with any patients and put anyone else at risk. This should be easier with the 30 min gap between sessions.

* Please use common sense — if you not feeling well, please tell us. There is no problem rearranging and we fully understand the situation.

We are all finding a new normal in these difficult circumstances, but by working together we can find our way through this and all stay safe.

We have had many requests over the last 8 weeks and we are so happy to be able to welcome everyone back to your clinic!! We hope that we will be able to provide the high quality and highly personalised experience you are used to when seeing us.

If you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment, please just drop us a message us and we will get everything sorted.

Keep safe and well!!

Best wishes,
Dan & Louise


A new experience in sports injury & general health clinic. With a  high end experience from people who know and have worked at the top end of sports rehab.


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Vestibulum facilisis rhoncus tempor. Duis non ipsum volutpat, rhoncus nisi sed, pulvinar ex. Etiam sit amet libero consequat, convallis odio ac, vestibulum urnalibero ornare nec.


We know you can choose from hundreds of diffrent health clinics. Choose us! We offer the care you need at prices you can afford.



We have carefully selected a team of people with a wealth of experience of working at the top end of sports rehab in order to provide the best service.


We are always looking to add the latest treatments to our list. Here are just a few of  our treatments.

As all of our services are tailored to you. The prices on our website are subject to change. There may be charges for missed appointments if less than 24 hours notice is given. We do understand that sometimes last minute cancellations can not be avoided.



45-60 Min Session

Dan Offers This Service At The Clinic. Dan Will Use A Variety Of Treatment Modes Including: Specific Testing, Manipulation, Dry Needling, Soft Tissue Techniques & Osteopathic Manipulation.

Hot/ Cold stone massage


Subject to session length

Louise offers this service at the clinic. In this treatment the therapist massages with hot stones in their palms and also places hot stones on the body to aid with relaxation.

Sports Massage/ Deep Tissue Massage


Subject to session length

 Dan and Louise both offer this service at Highwoods Health Clinic.

Indian head massage


30 min session

Louise offers this service at the clinic. It involves massage to the upper back, shoulders, neck, face and scalp. A great treatment for helping with stress.



Subject to session length

Louise Offers This Service. A Gentle And Light Massage To Promote Relaxation.


 Don’t just take our word for it!

Two Weeks Ago I Crawled Into The Clinic In So Much Pain And Louise Has Worked Wonders! For Once I Followed Instructions And Rested, Just Went Swimming And Followed The Stretching Plan Rather Than Going Back To The Gym After A Couple Of Days.


Had My First Ever Acupuncture Session Today With Dan. Great Service, Would Highly Recommend Dan And His Clinic. Thanks!


Had A Gorgeous 90-Minute Full Body Massage With Louise This Morning – Thank You So Much, Was Just What I Needed!! Perfect Mix Of Relaxation Massage With Deep Tissue. Still Feeling Sleepy And So Relaxed!



Have questions? Get in touch, we’d love to talk to you!


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