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Every day is a chance to become better.

Specific Injury Assessment & Treatment

Sports Massage & Deep Tissue Massage

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Why Choose Highwoods Health Clinic

As long as you keep going, you'll keep getting better. As you get better, you gain more confidence'
Tamara Taylor

Highly Experienced Team

Our team are highly experienced  in working with patients with chronic and acute neurological conditions and hip / knee and spinal surgery rehab.

Results Focussed

As a small practice, we are dedicated to excellence. We treat all our clients as people, not a number. Let our reviews speak for themsevels. 

We Listen

We take time to get to know you! We truly get to the bottom of someones problem. 


We are always looking to get better and find better ways to treat you conditions. Thats why we use the latest treatment techniques.

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Our team have a wealth of experience of working at the top end of sports rehab in order to provide you with the best service.